“Not that many kids in Middle or High school do drugs, so even though it may seem like “everyone’s doing it,” know that not everyone really is.”


Welcome to P.E.D.A. - Peer Education on Drugs and Alcohol

One social dynamic that's been constant throughout the years is that kids place more trust in their peers than they do anyone else. That's not a reflection on anyone's parenting or teaching skills. It's just the natural order of things. A part of the independence process. A process that should be more embraced than feared by parents and educators.

But when underage drinking and substance abuse reaches today's epidemic proportions, parents do have a right to be concerned. And kids should be concerned, too.
That's where P.E.D.A. bridges the gap.

P.E.D.A. is:
• A team of both young people and adults working together to empower kids to make decisions that will have positive impact on their lifestyles and lives.
• A judgment-free exchange of experiences, feelings, fears, expectations, family and friend issues, bullying and other stresses that too often overwhelm and lead to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.
• A network enabling and encouraging peer-to-peer communication about social issues most important to kids, including drug and alcohol use.
• Resources needed for kids to make independent, informed decisions.

At P.E.D.A., we're dedicated to helping you understand that living a healthy lifestyle free of drug and alcohol use will help you gain confidence in your own personal expectations, even if those expectations are not the same as what friends, family and teachers may have in mind for you.

There are many cool alternatives to drinking or using drugs.
Show the world your creative choices and the difference you make!
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