About P.E.D.A. - Peer Education on Drugs and Alcohol

The Peer Education on Drugs and Alcohol (P.E.D.A.) is a youth program sponsored by Impact DWI, Inc., a community action and advocacy non-profit organization, which puts an emphasis on ending alcohol abuse in New Mexico, and is run strictly by volunteers.

Margaret Oster, youth program coordinator of Impact DWI, who often speaks at our panels and volunteers to speak at schools in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Rio Rancho, felt that Impact DWI should not only educate adults on the dangers of driving while impaired but create different approaches and projects that deal directly with issues or questions around alcohol and drug use among youth.

The effectiveness of peer to peer programs find that it is a powerful tool in addressing social issues like drug prevention, youth health, crime and violence when done appropriately. Peer Leaders aim to get the message across to their peers that they do not have to drink and smoke pot to have fun.

Peer to Peer prevention programs also works well as a strategy to promote life skills and empower teens to explore their passions and use their interests to make a difference in their neighborhoods or society in general through community work, service projects, school clubs and other volunteer efforts.

Activities such as art give young people a voice, it lets them express things they cannot express in words, and is helpful in releasing emotions. It is also a powerful therapeutic process that has meaning because it comes directly from their own feelings and imagination. Furthermore, art allows them to know themselves better and empower not only themselves, but the community at large.

We at P.E.D.A. believe that every teen is capable of amazing things and need to believe they are valuable and can attain their dreams.
We hope by checking in on this website and sharing thoughts and ideas, all community members (thatís you) will inspire others and make a difference on the world.

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