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RRHS, Art Students Capture National Vans Championship

Rio Rancho has captured the national title, which this year comes with a $50,000 award for the winning school and the thrill for students of seeing their designs on shoes sold in stores nationwide.

Testimonial: Alina Pozas, 2014 RRHS Vans Custom Culture Team, senior.
"Sometimes people fail to see the wonderful opportunity in front of them. The gift of life is not something to take for granted. Merely being able to live has filled me with a sense of purpose and power.
They always tell us we can do anything and I had always wanted to be an artist and help others see their worth. Understanding this, I began to see life as a blank canvas and myself as the artist.
This is why I tell everyone they are an artist.
This is when I decided to fill my experience of life with the beauty it holds and reaching for positive opportunities, such as being a part of the Vans team or being a volunteer in South America next summer to spread the joy of creative expression.
I chose to supplement my life with the things I love and the things that could make everything a little bit better for everyone.
Instead of pulling away from life through drugs, alcohol, or any other substance, I decided to throw myself into life. I decided to co-create with whatever birthed this wonderful existence and my fellow beings so that when I reach the end, I can look back and see a beautiful picture. This is why I chose to be an artist."


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