Warehouse21 - Santa Fe
Children of the Railyard

Since 1997, Warehouse21 has served thousands of Santa Fe and north central New Mexico youth and young adults by providing award-winning development programs in the performing, media and visual arts.
Mentored project-based learning and a practical "do it yourself" ethic foster artistic independence and entrepreneusism in WH21's inclusive safe environment.
WH21 has been recognized as one of the top community programs in the country by the National Endowment of the Arts and the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

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Thank you Warehouse21!

"One of the core reasons I began hanging out at Warehouse 21 is due to the fact I could musically express myself FULLY here. I am inside of its humble and safe corridors as Iím typing this and after looking back on just the past few months I can honestly say there is no type of reinforcement like positive reinforcement, and thats exactly what is provided here.
Before my warehouse days youíd find me on any given day with a totally bad crowd that was fine with doing nothing, I was fine with doing nothing.
Since Warehouse 21 realigned my friends, some lost, some also found a home here, and some gained on the journey, Iíve gained a job, joined ballet, started yoga classes, also participating in various classes at Warehouse 21 such as screen printing, breakdancing, music production, and more, and also quitting everything harmful to healthy everyday function, even grasping as high into my physical wellness as quitting cigarettes.
My strive for knowledge has skyrocketed and now instead of doing nothing and wasting time, I am trying to make up for lost days by filling them with knowledge.
Thank you Warehouse21 and also thank you to all of the positive influential beings i have met since my stay. There is only so much time to learn everything you want to know donít waste a second of it and make your time on this earth worth while

Jacob Ferrero

"I believe that no matter how unpractical it may seem, everybody should pursue their passion, as there is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than being able to look back on what you have accomplished.
Everybody has the ability to grow, create, and become something great, all it takes is a little effort, and the self-motivated will to get up and put forth that effort. Nobody is going to make you do it.
You are the creator of your own reality, so create something beautiful that you can enjoy, and reminisce on, as there is nothing that can cause a human being more joy, and happiness, than the well deserved rewards of their hard work. And most importantly, fall in love with the process of becoming, because no greatly talented artist became who they are, over the course of a single waking day."

Isaac A. Scarlott


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