"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Tips for Success:
Explore your Inner Technologies by using your imagination Ė Everything is created!
Itís up to you to create new stuff up, imagine better, more empowering future for yourselves. The most fulfilling experience is when you create yourself, consciously choosing to be a unique, masterful, empowered, loving, wise human being.

Always rely on your feelings. This can be your best guide on choices youíre considering, or even to gauge past choices and their results.
Remember doing something that brought instant gratification, like insulting somebody, smoking a joint, or even having a wild night at a party. After all the thrills, highs, and emotions die down, how did you feel? Still empty, bored, anxious, despairing, lonely, unloved, restless?

Re-framing is a very useful way to use the awesome new discovery about brain plasticity. Plasticity, or neuroplasticity, describes how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain. You can re-frame your brain the way you want to, and the beauty of it is that any event thatís happened has multiple ways of being looked at. Be creative in your interpretations!


Anonymous Comments - Drug Court - Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Center

"When I was using, my behavior affected myself and my parents mentally, physically and financially. My whole life fell apart because my parents worried about me constantly. They didn't know where I was at or if I was alive or dead. I didn't give a damn because all I cared about was getting high. I am going to stay sober, go back to school and find a job. I just need to become loyal to my promises, my friends and family and my higher power."

"I didn't know how serious my addiction have become and not only I hurt myself, but all of my family and friends.
Being a drug user, I became disloyal to my personal beliefs, not caring about right or wrong or what anybody thought. All I wanted was to get high and now I realize that I lost the trust and respect from my family.
I want to finish the drug court program and stay clean to re-gain the trust of my family and set positive goals for myself."

"The choices that I have made hurt my own self the most, when I went to jail. Only then, I realized that besides myself I hurt and disappointed all who cared about me. I understand how my behavior and drug use has affected my life and there is nothing more that I want right now, than to re-gain the respect and trust from my family." J.R.

"I was stubborn and selfish, and I probably disappointed my family more than I disappointed myself. I didn't realize what my behavior had caused until I went to jail. Once I sobered up I felt ashamed of how I disrespected myself because of my choices. I plan to continue Drug Court and start learning how to take resposibility for my actions. I am making-up for all the credits I have lost in order to graduate with my class." A.M.R.

"Now that I am sober, I am embarrassed that I was stealing just to get high. I don't want to hurt my family anymore and I have agreed to get treatment for my addiction. I want to start being responsible for my actions, get a degree someday, and stay away from the crowd I hang out with. I want to stay sober and have been attending the 12 step program while I finish Drug Court." M.G.

"My behavior affected my whole family by putting them through hell with my selfish drama. It hurt to see my parents looking down on me because of the life-style I have chosen. My main goal is to change my attitude and start respecting myself in order to have the people I love respect me once again. I want to remain drug-free, go back to school and stay away from the bad infuences that drove me to where I am at right now. I want to keep my mind busy with more important things and never lose my freedom again." J.L.C.

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